Monday, April 16, 2012

Things that are popular.

I just realized how many people and things there are that are popular that I'm actually not a fan of. Here's my list...

1. Adele
I absolutely cannot STAND Adele. We can start with her music. It's plain and lacks creativity. Half her songs make no sense, and her voice isn't all that and a bag of chips. Just sayin. She's also extremely ugly in my opinion, and I really think that everyone who says "omg she's so pretty" is just saying that because she's the only popular fat celebrity right now.
Also, this picture is INCREDIBLY tacky. Smoking is absolutely disgusting, and that's just going to make her voice worse. Whether she smokes or not, this picture is not sending out a good image to young people who look up to her.

2. The Hunger Games
I don't understand the hype behind this film & book series. It's much like the HP and Twilight fads. A book series turns into movies. Big deal. The difference this time, is I didn't hear about the books until AFTER the film was announced. So it can't be all that  great. I think it's more of a psychological thing. If you turn a book series with some teen romance into a movie series, you'll be successful. Kids like that fad right now. I've watched bits and pieces of The Hunger Games, while working, but it doesn't really hit me. Neither did Harry Potter or Twilight. I'm just not into that kinda movie. And I hate reading young adult fiction. So, it isn't really destined in my life. 
3. Nicki Minaj
I don't like her music or the way she looks. Her look is basically a copycat of Lady Gaga, which is a copycat of Madonna. I'm over it. She has flow as a rapper, but her voice makes me cringe, and sometimes she just makes no sense.   

He looks like a lesbian woman. His songs suck. He's delusional. The End.   
We're not Native Americans. Why do we want feathers in our hair? It's not cute! Guys are confused. I'm confused.
If you look at fashion this season, a lot is Native American related. It's not cute! I just don't get this trend!!!

These are just a few things that are popular that I'm not really in to. 
They are just my opinions. I know many people disagree, but it's just me. :] I had to vent about these crazy trends. <3 

Disclaimer: These are the thoughts and opinions of myself only, and do not reflect the opinions of AMC Theaters, mark., or any other company I may or may not be affiliated with.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eggs & A New Job!

Why, hello there! I need to update more regularly. I say this in EVERY post. But it's true.

Easter was great fun! Layla had such a fun day for her first Easter. Here's some shots...

This is what a hard boiled egg looks like after the LaylaBug gets a hold of it. Squished to smithereens!

Dying Easter Eggs for the first time! What a mess!!

We decided to put her in the basket. Too cute, right? She looks JUST like me here. Jeez!

Smiling away in her Easter dress. Right after church.

Post-Church photo. Me & my girl in our easter dresses! 

Layla got lots of fun toys for Easter from the Easter Bunny. She got to watch the big kids hunt Easter Eggs. She got to dye some eggs. She got to play in the sandpit/volleyball court for the first time. AND She got to go swimming for the first time. What a day for a 6.5 month old! She definitely made mommy's Easter far more enjoyable.

In other news, I have a new job!!! I'll give you a hint as to what it is: popcorn, stubs, curly fries. Ah yes, the wonderful world of AMC Theaters!!! I started work yesterday, which is really Orientation, I'm not "on the job" yet, but it was so much fun! I love my manager and the awesome girls I am starting with!

If you think that makes me busy, let me remind you of my other daily duties:
-Full-Time Student at UCF
-Full-Time Mommy to Layla
-Working as an A.M./Receptionist Manager at Dmac's office
-Working as film crew at AMC Theaters Lake Square
-Planning a wedding for September
-Selling mark. and being a mark. mentor assistant

Yes. I do it all! And no, there's nothing I can't do. I also find time to cook, clean, do laundry, and bake. And make all of my daughter's baby food. :]

I am loving life. Keeping busy makes me happy.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our little love story.

Ever wonder what Dmac & my story is? How we met, how we fell in love, etc? Well, thank my favorite blog, Lauren's Latest, for sponsoring a giveaway and inspiring me to post about our love story. I could win a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR Camera with accessories, Canon PowerShot Digital Camera, or a $30 gift certificate, for posting this story. So, without futher ado...

It all began on February 7, 2004 (oh yes, I remember the date). I was visiting my cousin, Alesha, and that weekend she happened to have a school project to work on. It was an English assignment, in which the group was to create a video of Much Ado About Nothing. They knew they would be short people, so she invited me to tag along to help out. The video was being filmed at Daniel's house (this is where it gets good!! haha). It was basically love at first sight...for me at least. After spending the day there, it came time to leave, and I kissed him. He swears (to this day) that I "gave him a wet willie" first, but I insist I was kissing his cheek.  Anyway, we ended up sharing a kiss, which was my very first kiss. Fast forward two years later...we had stayed friends and spoke from time to time...I knew he had edited the movie before, so when it came time for me to make a video for my school project, I knew who to ask to edit. So on September 2, 2006, we got together again so he could edit my video. Not much editing was done, because we were infatuated with each other. We started dating that day. But it was to be an "open" relationship, because, well, we lived so far away (2 hours) from each other. About a month later, when we went to homecoming together, we made it "closed".

After lots of ups & downs, we moved in together in 2009. We took a short break the following summer, but got back together after realizing there wasn't anyone else out there that really could make us happy. We moved back in together, and that's how our little McNugget came to be. Layla was born in September 2011. And we're planning a wedding for September 2, 2012.

He is the most perfect guy ever. This is the VERY VERY abridged version of our love story, but you don't need EVERY detail, now do you? ;]

Easter is coming soon!!! I can't wait to share all the pictures of Layla's first Easter!!

Post your own love story and enter the contest here.