Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cancun & a New Job!

I just recently returned to the US from Cancun, Mexico. My darling fiancĂ© (Dmac) won an all-inclusive trip to the Riu Palace Las Americas for doing his job at Vector. Seriously, his job rocks, and this trip was INSANELY fun. I'll post some photos at the end of this post. We had a blast and I wish I could go back! I'm really looking forward to more fun trips in the future.

While in Cancun, I received a follow-up phone call from CVS/Pharmacy. The manager at the local store where I interviewed was calling me to say I had passed my drug test (Duh, like I didn't know that would happen. I've been drug free since 1991!), and that I needed to go to a class the following weekend (today) in Orlando. Which I did. And can I just say that the people who claim that Vector is a scam are FREAKING RETARDS?! By their logic, CVS would also be a scam. So, here's my fun little joking "rant" on why CVS is a "scam" according to other people's logic:

CVS Pharmacy is a scam!! I was called one day a couple of weeks ago, and asked to come in for an interview that day. I couldn't make it there that day, because I had my daughter, so I went the following day. She basically told me I was hired before I even left the store. I was told that I could work in my local area, but then I had to drive "out of my way" for training. This drive was about an hour from my local area, and I was not reimbursed for the gas to drive all the way out there. The training is three days in a classroom. I went all the way to Orlando and found a sketchy little office that was shared with some credit union or something. There was only one person there, the trainer, and there was a group of people from all over the area training for the same position. I was not given any information about getting paid for training. And then, she tells us during this 6 HOUR training class that we have to pay $105 for a certificate to continue working after 6 months?! Who PAYS to work somewhere? Clearly, this is a SCAM!  I still have 2 days of 6 hour long training classes at a sketchy little office before I'm done training.

Ok, OBVIOUSLY that was all a joke! Because I really enjoy CVS so far, and I am SUPER thankful for my job. But doesn't that sound like absolutely ridiculous reasons to call something a scam? I thought so, too. But that's literally exactly what people say about Vector when they say it's a "scam". Guess what losers? The #1 pharmacy in America does all the same stuff!! So grow up, and do your job or find a new one! To prove my point, these are some quotes from websites that say that "Vector Marketing is a scam":

"Any business you have to invest money in to get hired, you should know it just ain't right!!!How do they expect you to purchase something like that and you are trying to get a job."
"i just went in 4 an interview 2day, yes like many othres posted here i scheduled the interview 4 that day, they said they are really tighly booked but they actually have an opening today, then i thought i was luky, now im having 2nd thoughts." 

Yeah. It's that silly. So once again, I'd like to reiterate that I do NOT think that CVS is a scam, nor do I think that Vector is a scam (obviously, I mean I just went to Cancun, come on.) The purpose of the above writing about a "scam" was to prove that people who do believe things like that are dumb with their reasons. :P 

Anyway, I'm totally diggin' CVS, and I'm excited about furthering my career by becoming a licensed Pharmacy Technician. :) Most of what I wrote in the above commentary were true about CVS. I was asked to interview same-day, I was basically told I was hired when I left (contingent on my background check & drug test passing), the office where I trained at today was kinda sketchy at first & it is shared with a credit union, but the trainer was super nice and I really like her. I really do have to pay $105 for my pharmacy technician license, but I am PERFECTLY okay with that, because it will help me further my healthcare career. I really enjoy my current pharmacology class at UCF, so I know this will be a fun job for me. I do not by any means dislike anything about the process. I actually had some fun at training today, learned a lot about CVS and it's history, and feel pretty good about my upcoming experience there. :) I also want to reiterate that I really do like CVS and that I find absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, so please don't take anything out of context. 

And as promised, here's some photos from Cancun:

Here we are. We look like a bunch of scam artists, right? ;) 

Matching swimsuits! :) 

Me & my sweetheart. <3 

Sunrise by the pool. :) 

Too pretty. <3 i love it there. 

And that's all I got for ya. Until Next time!


Monday, October 1, 2012


How great is this: The first day of October is also National Dessert Day! What better way to celebrate both occasions than to make some yummy pumpkin desserts? That's exactly what we did today.

Here's the little McNugget helping! She really enjoyed reading the Pumpkin Pie Spice label.
And then she proceeded to push the container of Pumpkin Pie Spice into the batter.
I think she saw Mommy turning it upside down to pour some in, and she didn't realize she had to open it to do the same thing. Good thing though, or these would have had far too much spice! 

We baked No-Egg Pumpkin Cookies and Lovin From The Oven's Pumpkin Bars. I made a couple of minor alterations to those recipes, like using Pumpkin Pie spice in place of the individual spices. But they both turned out FANTASTIC. I made the cookies without Nuts, but some have raisins. I didn't use as many raisins as it called for, because I don't like super-chunky cookies. I also knew Layla would have some, and I wanted to make them easier to eat. :) 

My whole apartment smelled of pumpkin. AND I opened the windows today. The fresh air was amazing. 
I also worked out without A/C. I did this BodyRock workout. And I felt it hardcore! I couldn't even finish!! I see great results already from just a few days of BodyRocking. :) 

And, I have an interview in a Pharmacy tomorrow. I'm pretty stoked about that one. Wish me luck, and keep those fingers crossed!