Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks!

It was our first Thanksgiving as a little family of our own, and the first time I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I've never touched a raw turkey, made stuffing, or cooked fresh green beans. This was a big deal. 

Since it was just me, Dmac (Daniel), and the Mcnugget (Layla), I didn't need to buy a whole turkey. We aren't dark-meat eaters. So I bought half a turkey breast. Rubbed some butter, salt, and pepper on it and put some chicken broth on top. Then shoved it in the oven for what seemed like forever. What was supposed to take 1.5-2 hours took 2.5. Dmac must have asked me a hundred times when it was time to eat. 
I made a new stuffing that included apples, dried cranberries, and sausage. It was quite a risk, but it was DELISH! Also made some green bean casserole--and I do nothing semi-homemade. So my green bean casserole was fresh picked organic green beans, onions, & mushrooms, half & half, and nutmeg. Amazing. And I'm not even a big green bean casserole person. I'm not a gravy person either, but I figured I'd try something new, so I made a brandy gravy. I wasn't crazy about it, though. Maybe no gravy next time. 

Here's how my table turned out:
Okay, so my presentation isn't the best...It never is...
but it was certainly a great Thanksgiving dinner. 

Layla is too famous for me to not post a Thanksgiving photo.

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