Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's time to get packing. We're moving out of G-Vegas on Friday. It came suddenly. It was supposed to be 3/15ish, but, after some thought, we have decided that this weekend is the most opportune time to pack up our stuff and head on down to the Burg. I have mixed feelings about this.

I hate that Layla won't have her own room. I also hate that I have to be without my love for a couple of weeks while he finishes school in G-Vegas. I also hate that I have to share space with my parents, because, well, how awkward is that?

But, I really like that I'm living with my parents too, because, well, lets face it, they're a huge help. They pay the bills, cook the food (but I'll be doing a lot of that too, duh), watch Buggie while we're working...I can work! I can go to class. I can be around my old friends. But I'll also miss my G-Vegas buddies. Not for too long though. I know they will visit me. :]

So now we're rushed to pack. Actually, most people would find this incredibly stressful, but it's actually pretty relaxed for us. In the past, we have moved alll of our belongings in our own car in less than 24 hours-usually more like 12 hours. This time, we're getting a TRUCK -- oh yeah, doin' it big, baby! -- and taking 3 days. How awesome is that?! ha.

I need to update this blog-a-roo more often. Fo shizz. Keep checking. I'll try to update every Wednesday, at least. Because JennaMarbles inspires me. Ohhh yes. INSPIRATION!! <3

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