Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tips (Common Sense) For Job Hunters

I work for my fiance's marketing office. I do all the calling to job applicants to ask them to come to an interview. I've been really annoyed lately at how little common sense people have when job hunting. It really is no wonder there's such a high unemployment rate. So here's a friendly reminder of some things that people should know when trying to get a job.

1. When you fill out an application, and someone calls you shortly after from a number you do not recognize, ANSWER IT. And identify yourself. It drives me crazy when a call conversation goes something like this:

Job Applicant: Hello?
Me: Hi is this [insert name here].
Job Applicant: He/She is not available. May I ask who's calling?
Me: This is Bri from The McLeod Group. I was calling about the application you filled out online.
Job Applicant: Oh. Then yes this is she/he.

WHAT?! I understand that you're trying to avoid telemarketers/bill collectors, but don't lie. That's a terrible first impression for a possible employer, FYI.

2. When you get said call from unrecognized number, DON'T TEXT IT BACK LIKE THIS:
-Yo! What up? Who dis?
or something along those lines. Not a good idea. Also texting and asking who it is isn't a good thing either. Even if you use proper grammar. Maybe if you answered your phone when I called, you'd know who it is. Fail.

3. When a person calls about your application, this is your first impression to the company. Try not to sound asleep, sick, tired, or groggy. Even if I woke you up, please fix your voice to sound somewhat normal. When people call me in the middle of the night or early morning, I fix my voice by clearing my throat and making myself alert. It's not hard, people!

4. When you are asked to come in for an interview, and we tell you specifically that there are a LOT of applicants and you should come in as soon as possible, we're not lying. We're serious. Come in TODAY if you can. I mean, you want the job right? Don't do this:
Me: We do have a LOT of applicants & the manager's interviewing on a first come, first serve basis. So I do want to try to get you in ASAP. What's your schedule look like today?
Job Applicant: Oh, I'm busy today.
Really? Busy with what? So busy you can't change around your plans to go to a job interview? You must not be that much in need of a job. I understand certain things come up, but if you tell me "I have a party to go to" or "I'm supposed to be meeting up with some people" or "I have people coming from out of town", you're retarded. Those friends can wait. You have a job interview!!! Fix your schedule, and BE THERE!
Also, "I just woke up" isn't a good excuse for an interview that is in an hour and a half. Big deal you just woke up. Get dressed and get your butt here! Dang!

Now that you've made it past that first impression call, you're ready for your interview.Here's some tips for that too:

1. Dress professionally. When I tell you to "dress nice" on the phone, I don't mean wear jeans and a tee shirt. I mean PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE people! Suit. Khakis. Skirt. Dress. You know? Those things you'd wear to an office? Yeah, wear that. Avoid crazy hairstyles too!

2. Talk like a normal person!!!

I don't have tons of interview tips cause I haven't ran actual interviews yet, I just do the calling part. But really...Common sense here people. Dang! Can you tell people's stupidity irritates the heck out of me?

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