Friday, September 28, 2012

Cancun, Cancun, Cancun...Did I mention CANCUN?

As you can probably tell from my title, I'm pretty darn excited about Cancun. 7 Days from now I shall be lounging on a beach drinking who knows what just feeling like a princess. Did I not tell you? My darling fiancé, who does AWESOME at his job, managed to win us (with my help, of course) an all-inclusive free trip to Cancun, Mexico! Oh yes. His job is the greatest. We're staying at an all-inclusive resort, with unlimited food & drinks, and gorgeous views. I seriously cannot express to you how excited we are. In fact, my 2 new swimsuits came in the mail today. And they fit perfectly. Super comfortable! Cheap, awesomeness. Shop there. Like now. :)

But before I can go to Cancun, I have to do a ton of school work. My Interdisciplinary Studies class is tough! Well, it's not really so much tough as it is a TON of work. I have straight 100's in the class. It's just time consuming. What did I do tonight? I wrote an Intellectual Autobiography, which, if you so desire, you can read here! I'm not sure that you'd really want to read more about my life. But in case you ever wondered what Interdisciplinary Studies majors do, and how I reached that major, this is a good read. In my not-so-humble opinion.

Speaking of work, I've been working out like a mad woman. BodyRock is simply fierce, and I do it daily now. I'm so sore, it definitely kicks my butt. But that's what I need: Someone to kick my butt into shape! Because, you know, NEW BIKINIS I need to say it again? (cancun!)

Alright, I'm just loopy. Maybe I should stuff my face, since I skipped dinner. Adios amigos!

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