Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Pounds!

What is the significance of six pounds? A human skin weighs about 6 pounds. Some newborns weigh about 6 pounds. Know what else? I LOST 6 POUNDS THIS WEEK! Oh yes. One week. Here's what I did:

-Limit my soda intake. I simply stopped buying it for home. I rarely got it when I went out. I probably only had about 2 sodas this week. Water and milk was all I drank the rest of the time. H20 does wonders with weight loss, or so I'm told. 

-Smaller meals. I chose to eat a little less this week. A fun weight loss tip I use is only eat half of what they give you at restaurants. Sometimes I even ask for them to go ahead and put half of my meal in a to-go box. Other times I just split it all in half and that's the most I eat. 

-BodyRock! Boy was I sore this week. Ohh man. Some of my muscles are STILL sore! And I didn't work out yesterday or today!! If you want a good workout, I definitely recommend Always do a Fit Test first. The Fit Tests are definitely awesome workouts and teach you to push yourself. I'm most sore from my Fit Test this week. 

And that's pretty much all I did. I've also noticed that I eat when I'm bored sometimes. So I've completely stopped doing that. I only eat when I truly feel hungry. Which is a LOT less food now. 

I'll be looking much better for Cancun than I would have. :) 

Get off your butt & do it! :) 

You know what else I'm proud of & feel the need to brag about? My grades!

Pharmacology: 95%
Issues & Trends in Public Health: 94%
Interdisciplinary Studies (Cornerstone): 100%
Management of Operations: 82%

Woot woot! 

I have a kid, I workout, I go to school & get good grades. I bake. I coupon. There's not much I can't do.

Now, I'm off to decide on a ri-dank-ulous pumpkin recipe.

(Mommies get this reference)

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